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 GECCO ENTERPRISES is an investor backed consortium that is aligning a portfolio of companies which are successfully operating in sports Data and Analytics, Technology, Content, Digital Media, Social Media and CRM.

Combining the knowledge of various complementary and successful entrepreneurs will lead to the creation of an integrated market leading and game changing business.

The team consists of experienced sports marketing, media and corporate finance professionals.



Gecco Enterprises is an Investment Holding that specialises in buy & build roll-up projects. Gecco thereby buys, aligns, consolidates and integrates successfully and complementary companies from specific sport related industries into a one-stop-shop to build market leading and game changing businesses. Gecco together with the respective managements is leveraging synergies between the targeted companies to offer better, more comprehensive and integrated services to the market, to develop new products and ultimately to help each company of the group to grow, inter alia by internationalization, new sports and new products. And certainly by providing additional financial support. The identified industries are in the international sports, media, sports data, sports betting and gaming (mobile games, online games, browser games) industries.

A current roll-up is being executed in the sports data and sports betting industries. This venture is financially backed by a large Private Equity Investor who is committed to provide substantial funding to buy identified companies. By bringing together (roll-up) a group of complementary companies Gecco will establish a market leading and game changing business within the sports data and sports betting market. The new entity that is called United Sportelligence Group will be larger and more powerful than the sum of the individual companies to build a global leader in the space.

Another roll-up is currently being developed in the international fast-growing and fragmented publishing services market for the global mobile, online and browser games industry. 

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